What All The Other Parents Are Doing During The Day

where are the other parents

The first few months staying home with my kid were hard because being alone all the time is rough.  And people would point out, “But you’re not alone!  You have that baby!” except that having a baby is not the same thing as having another adult person around with whom you can have an actual conversation.  You […]

The Best Instagram Filters for New Parents

I don’t use Instagram all that much (so apologies if you follow me on there and are less than wow-ed by the photo of my dog I post once every three months). I like it in theory, but most of the filters (with the exception of the black and white one) look more or less […]

Why Having a Baby Reminds me of Garfield Minus Garfield

garfield minus gar

I love the site Garfield Minus Garfield. If you don’t know the site Garfield minus Garfield  it’s a website run by a guy named Dan Walsh who takes Garfield comic strips and digitally erases Garfield from them.   The reason I love Garfield minus Garfield is that when you erase Garfield from the Garfield comic strip, what you get is three panels of […]

What I’d Really Like for Mother’s Day

Wrote a guest blog this week for HappyPlace.com on what I’d really like for mother’s day.  I in no way intended for it to come across as cruel or mean so I apologize if that is how it seems.   You can get to it by clicking the link here:  What I’d Really Like for […]