About The Ugly Volvo

I am a writer and stand up comic raising a child in Jersey City. I live in a two bedroom apartment that I foolishly thought would be big enough for three people and a dog and all of the stuff that comes along with having a baby. Clearly, I am an idiot.

I have an occasionally dark sense of humor. Nothing I write is ever intended to offend. Most of what I write is nonsense.


I’m not sure what else is relevant, so here is a version of the “About Me” I used for a tutoring service I used to work for. And yes, I know it should be “a tutoring service for which I used to work.” Sometimes I will end sentences in prepositions. I know it is wrong. I am sorry. But sometimes it sounds better. Sometimes I will also use “their” when I know I am supposed to use “his/her.” Please know that every time I do it I feel terrible.


About Me
Here is some information About Me!

I watch a lot of documentaries on Instant Netflix. I love The World According to Garp and everything by Shel Silverstein and I read The New Yorker but mainly I read it for the cartoons. I have a phobia of jewelry. I have a horrible sweet tooth and could easily eat nine boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in one sitting. (Update:  I have a cavity.)  Sometimes I daydream about living in other countries and then immediately go online to look up the size of the spiders in those countries.

I wear almost the exact same outfit every day. I am married to someone who speaks three languages and there are days when I feel like I barely speak English. I love stand-up comedy and Far Side cartoons and books about science. When I like songs I will obsessively listen to them on repeat for hours or days until everyone nearby wants to throw me and my CD player out a window.  Yes, for whatever reason I still play music on a CD player.

I have a very nice mother and an eccentric father. I have two younger sisters and a dog named Tig and a husband who obsessively follows international weather patterns the way other men follow sports. I have a wonderful son who makes me smile a lot of the time. My first car was an old, ugly Volvo that I loved so much and that’s why the blog is called The Ugly Volvo. I wish there were a more interesting story behind it but there isn’t.

I have a book coming out in Fall of 2016 through Chronicle Books.  When we get closer to fall of 2016 I will write about that in slightly more detail.

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 Here is a hastily taken photo of me, the baby, the dog, and the humidifier I kept meaning to return because it stopped working.

I am the one in the middle. Baby is on the left, dog on the right. The humidifier is the blue thing on the floor in the center.
I am the one in the middle. Baby is on the left, dog on the right. The humidifier is the blue thing on the floor in the center.